Flush Doors Made to IS 2202

Flush Doors Conforming to IS 2202 CML No. 6375376

Solid Core Flush Doors (Decorative Type) IS 2202 (Part1)

Solid Core Flush Doors (Non Decorative Type) IS 2202 (Part1)

Hollow Core Flush Doors both Decorative type and non decorative type are also manufactured and supplied.

Kenwood Flush Doors are produced out of selected hardwood species Stiles, Rails and Solid Wood Core ( Filler) adequately treated with strong Wood preservative chemicals under Vacuum Pressure and kiln seasoned.

Kenwood range of Decorative Flush Doors are available in the following species or any other species as required by the customer.

Teak, Afrormosea, Ako, Aningre, Ash, Beech, Birds eye maple, Burls, Cherry, Elm, Iroko, Khaya, Mahogany, Makore, maple, Meranti, Mersawa, Niove, Padouk, Pearwood, Pine, Poplar, red Oak, Sapeli, Steem Beech, Sycamore, Walnut, White Oak, Zebrana.

Burga, Champ, Laurel, Mahogany, Pali, Red Cedar, Rosewood, Silver Oak, Teak, White Cedar and other varieties of Decorative Veneers on the surface.

Smoked Eucalyptus, Smoked Walnut, Smoked Tabacco, Smoked Sapeli, Smoked Oak Flakes, Smoked Oak, Smoked Larch, Smoked Etimoe, Smoked Oak Q/C, Smoked Sapeli Crown, Smoked Oak Crown

Dyed Eucalyptus Fig Grey, Dyed Eucalyptus Fig Wenge, Dyed Oak Dark Grey, Dyed Oak Light grey, Dyed Oak Cream, Dyed Oak Wenge.

Fire Rated Doors

Kenwood Fire Rated Door - tested in CBRI conforming to BS 476 Part 20, 22 and IS 3614 Part 2.

Kenwood Fire Rated Door is also a door having basic qualities of Elegance, Strength , Long lasting and easy to operate. It could be finished to a smooth surface for painting and / or polishing. When there is a Fire, it will act as a FIRE DOOR of different ratings. Fire Rated Door is generally for 30, 60 and 120 minutes depending upon the location at which the doors are to be used.

Wood is consisting of Lingo Cellulosic material, both are combustible , Hence it is practically not possible to make it Fire Rated of different durations without proper insulation material, insulation boards and with proper construction , Fire Rated Doors could be made of different ratings.

Kenwood Fire Rated Doors are “ COMPOSITE WOODEN DESIGNED AND MADE WITH PROPER FIRE RATED DOORS” , designed and made with proper care, with ratings of 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 120 minutes.

The species of Timber used for door frame is Teakwood with specific gravity above 0.6 or Hardwood with specific gravity 0.7 and above with good dimensional Stability.

 Fire Rated DoorsAll the door frame components are treated with Fire retardant cum antiseptic chemicals under Vacuum Pressure and to the desired Moisture content free from case hardening stresses.

Our fire rated door was tested in the central building research institute and conformed to BS 476 part 20 and 22 , 1987 in regard to stability, integrity and thermal insulation.

Kenwood Fire Rated doors are produced with commercial / decorative and ornamental type of face veneers or with laminates as per the customer’s choice. We also provide Slot Vision Panel wherever required. All the doors are fitted with external lipping with Intumescent strips on 4 sides to prevent carbon monoxide, hot fumes entering through Door Frame rebate.

Size of the shutter: It will be made as per the customer’s choice.
We have adequate capacity to produce around 500 Fire Rated Doors a month.

Masonite Skin Doors

Kenwood is proud to be associated with Masonite International corporation, who are the acknowledged world leader in door desig and have the world's largest private R&D centre for wood fibre technology. Masonite operators in 32 countries across the globe.

Kenwood Decor Panel Doors with Masonite Skin Door Design

  • Door facing is densified wood fibre board plates.
  • Elegant, Aesthetic designs to suit any decor.
  • Different designs in variety of sizes, texture and finishes.
  • Made of phenoloic bonded m
  • oulded high density substrate, providing superior resistance to repeated exposures to humidity, heat etc. That is they are dimensionally stable even in adverse climatic conditions.
  • Quick, easy installation and low maintenance.
  • Lowest formaldehyde emission by EU and JIS standards.

Kenwood Decor Panel Doors also called as skin Doors

Kenwood Decor Panel Doors are created keeping in mind , an elegantly crafted door makes a silent statement of your taste and lifestyle , besides infusing life into your surroundings.

Made from the best quality raw materials, using sophisticated production technologies, they are an epitome of elegance and trusted for their durability and reliability.

What’s more Kenwood Decor Panel Doors  come to you with exclusive Door facing Skins from Masonite – the World No.1 in designed Door Skin manufacturers.

So add that touch of  class to your home or office, with Kenwood Décor Panel Doors .

Advanced Technology

Kenwood Décor Panel Doors are made from select Tropical plantation species . This eco friendly timber is renewable resource and is adequately treated with Wood Preservatives under Vacuum Pressure to give protection from Insects , Borers and Fungi attack. It is also Kiln seasoned to prevent shrinkage , swelling , warping or other types of distortion

Kenwood Decor Panel Doors with Masonite Door Design

  • Door Facing are of High Density Wood Fiber Moulded Skins
  • Aesthetic Designed to suit to any decor
  • Different Designs and in variety of sizes, texture and finishes
  •  Made of Exterior grade adhesive moulded with high density substrate, providing superior resistance   to repeated explosures to humidity, ie they are dimensionally stable even in adverse climatic conditions
  • Quick, easy installation and low maintenance
  • Stiles , rails and Filler materials is bonded phenol formaldehyde synthetic adhesive  to the moulded skins on either side  with lowest formaldehyde emission by EU and JIS standards


  • Residential Apartments , offices for external and internal locations, including Bathroom Doors.

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