General purpose Plywood conforming to IS 303 CML No.6343161

Our specialty: All veneers are treated under Vacuum Pressure with wood Preservatives in Veneer form to protect the plywood from biological deterioration caused by insects, borers and fungi.

Kenwood offers a wide range of commercial plywood in choice of thickness and sizes tailor- made to suit your end use with minimum wastage. The core veneers and face veneers of Kenwood commercial plywood are produced from selected species of Hardwood.

MR: Moisture Resistant Grade Plywood conforming to IS 303

Face and Core Veneers are bonded with Melamine Urea formaldehyde synthetic adhesive to withstand MR/ WWR grade tests.


  • Elegant Furniture
  • Partitions
  • Wardrobes
  • Ceilings
  • Barels
  • Attractive Interios and General Purpose Uses
  • Warm Water Resistant (WWR) Grade Plywood is also manufactured by us.

BWR: Boiling Water Resistant Grade Plywood conforming to IS 303

Face and core veneers are bonded with phenol formaldehyde synthetic adhesive to improve durability under tough exposed atmospheric conditions.


  • Elegant Furniture
  • Partitions
  • Ceilings
  • Drums & Barrels
  • Vehicle Seats & Backs
  • Floor Under lays
  • Attractive kitchen Cabinates
  • Panel inserts in panel doors and Exterior Uses.

Specification : Boiling water Proof (BWP) grade plywood is also manufactured by us.

Marine Plywood Conforming to IS 710 CML No. 6375276

Kenwood marine grade plywood is produced out of selected hardwood species . Treated with a strong water soluble fixed type of wood preservative chemical under vacuum pressure to ensure required protection from wood decaying and destroying organisms such as Borers, Insects , Fungi and Marine Borers. Bonded with phenol formaldehyde synthetic adhesive under high temperature and pressure.


  • Ship Buildings
  • Pontoons
  • River Crafts
  • Boat Building
  • Cooling Towers
  • Concrete Shuttering Work
  • Interior/Exterior Uses
  • Elegant Furniture, Kitchen Cabinets
  • Where long life with Strong bonding of Veneers is required.

Fire Retardant Plywood for Automotive Industry as per IS 15061

Our Fire Retardant Plywood for Automotive industry was tested in CIRT , Pune and the assessment of test result is “ The sample meets the requirements of tests carried out as per IS 15061:2002( Reaffirmed 2006) as mentioned in Annexure A” .

Used in Automotive Industry Bus / Lorry body building , other transport vehicles, Defence Establishments, Railways, Naval Dock yards and wherever fire resistance is required.

Fire Retardant Plywood as perIS 5509

Our Fire Retardant Plywood was tested in IPIRTI Bangalore as per IS 5509 for Flammability, Flame penetration and rate of burning, Result “ sample conforms to IS 5509:2000 class 12.2 “.

Used to cover the Electrical Cable Ducts, Partitions, Paneling, Bus / Lorry Body Building, Boat Building, Dock Yards.

Shuttering Plywood as per IS 4990

 Shuttering grade plywood from Kenwood is made out of selected hardwood species. These are treated with strong wood Preservatives Chemicals in veneer form under vacuum pressure to ensure complete protection against bores, insects , fungi attack. These veneers are dried bonded with high quality phenol formaldehyde synthetic adhesive in multi daylight hydraulic Hot Press. Due to its high bonding strength, with proper care in use, while stripping and storing , Kenwood shuttering grade plywood is reusable several times.


  • Concrete Shuttering Work
  • Boxes for concrete Columns
  • Beams
  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Flyovers
  • Mezzanine Floors
  • Truck And Bus Body Building
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Cooling Towers, and other Exterior Uses
Kenwood Shutterinfg Plywood is available in three finishes:

  • Plain
  • Resin Coated
  • Film Faced

Kenwood Platinum Plywood

Plush Interiors, Sophisticated Skylines, Luxury Resorts, Public Utilities and Institutions

Attractive Transport vechicles. All these have one factor in common.

Kenwood a reliable and trusted name in wood based panel products.

KENWOOD PLATINUM - Get Unmatched Solidity in Plywood

In tune with its ploneering vision to create special products that meet specific needs, Kenwood proudly presents, KENWOOD PLATINUM PLYWOOD, a dream product with unmatched strength and solidity.

 KENWOOD PLATINUM PLYWOOD is made out of selected hardwood species with higher specific gravity. As a result it has a better screw holding capacity, almost comparable with natural solid wood. An optimum combination of features like use of extra thick face veneers and more number of piles make Kenwood Platinum a highly value added product.

To prevent future wrapping and cupping, Plywood is balanced and made stress free. Further, its strength and hardness are unprecedented. Like all other Kenwood products , Kenwood platinum is also treated under Vacuum Pressure with Wood Preservatives in veneer form to ensure protection from Biological Deterioration caused by Insects and Borers and Fungi.


The all purpose plywood is superior than IS 710 Marine Plywood

Due to its superior strength, Kenwood platinum is ideal for all types of exterior and interior uses including applications where Marine Plywood conforming to IS 710 is normally used- certainly enough to make it the first choice of Architects , Interior Designers , Builders and Consultants.


  • Elegant Furniture
  • Partitions
  • Attractive Kitchen Cabinets
  • Ship Buildings
  • Pontoons
  • River Crafts
  • Boat Building
  • Concrete Shuttering Work
  • Truck and Bus body building
  • Yatch building
  • Cooling Towers and other Exterior / Interior Uses

Kenwood Fire Retardant Plywood tested , conforming into IS 5509 tested by IPRITI, Bangalore. Kenwood Automotive Fire Retardant Plywood conforming to IS 1506 was tested by CIRT PUNE.

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